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Jul 24

sam winchester meme: favorite scenes [4]

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Jul 23

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"See you", Sam yells as he closes the door of the car, running off to the high school’s main entrance, while Dean drives away to help dad on the current case.

"See you", Sam whispers against Dean’s ear, before letting go and climbing in the bus, while Dean watches his brother leave for California, and hears his heart break.

"See you", Dean croaks in front of the dying embers, tears rolling down his cheeks, while the ashes of his brother fly away with the small breeze.

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 The Sam Winchester Meme  Favorite Quotes [1/4] 

 "You’re just one person, Dean. And I needed to think that there was something else watching too, you know? Some higher power. Some greater good. And that maybe… maybe I could be saved."  [2x13]

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Sam Caps: 9-?/ُ

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8x08, Hunteri Heroici

Damn it, Crowley.

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